Tuesday, 27 August 2013

[Review] Concealer: Holika Holika and The Face Shop

Today I will be comparing two concealers:
- Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick Concealer in Light Beige (커버 앤 하이딩 스틱 컨실러)
- The Face Shop Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil in NB17 (페이스 잇 컨실러 듀얼 베일)
(Both concealers are in the lightest shade available)

Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick

Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick Concealer in Light Beige 

First off is the Holika Holika concealer, I purchased this in Korea for 4,900 won (just under $5USD). Prior to purchasing the product I hadn't heard much about it. But for the price I was willing to give it a go. The product comes in stick form. Making it great for on the go. Although I don't tend to touch up my makeup during the day... not because the product hasn't faded but because I'm lazy. You get a fair amount in the tube (5g), it will definitely last you a long time, even if you use it daily.

Nice simple packaging. I have had this product since early January of this year and none of the font on the product has scratched off or faded.

Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Stick

The expiry date is also printed on the product; 2015 April.

Holika Holika Concealer

The shade is yellow based. It blends and applies very and smoothly. It didn't sink into my pores and covered redness decently. But I found that it didn't cover pigmentation/marks/dark spots effectively. They were still apparent, layering didn't help conceal them better either.

Coverage was light to medium and lasted 4-5 hours on me. I don't recommend using this concealer for under eye coverage as it will look cakey and crease (if you have oily or creases under your eyes).

Overall, I do enjoy this concealer for covering redness and concealing around the lips. But I would not purchase this product again once I'm finished.

Face Shop Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

The Face Shop Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil in NB17

I have heard a lot of good things about this concealer on both blogs and youtube. This concealer I purchased more recently. It is more expensive at 10,900 won ($11USD) more than twice the price of the Holika Holika concealer, that being said, you are technically getting two concealers in one. I purchased this product online for $16.25USD.

Face Shop Face it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

The information and instructions were presented in both Korean and English. 

The directions read as:
Directions: Can be worn under or over foundation. Apply concealer on areas of concern and blend the edges out for seamless cover.
Cover stick: For complete cover of more visible pigmentations and dark spots.
Liquid concealer: For larger areas with minor imperfections and discolorations.

Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil

Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil

43g/0.15 oz. + 38g/0.13oz. (cover stick//liquid)

Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil

face shop dual concealer

Personally, I use the concealer under my makeup. I just find it works better that way. Both concealer sides blend easily, but I found that the liquid side did sink into my pores but that was prevented with primer/pore balm. Coverage is light to medium but buildable. The shade is also yellow based.

The stick cover concealer does conceal my pigmentation/marks/dark spots, much better than the Holika Holika concealer. This concealer does last longer. 5-6 hours. By the end of the day I definitely noticed the redness again but the pigmentation/marks/dark spots were only slightly visible.

The liquid concealer works very well in brightening and concealing the under eye area. I experienced no creasing or fading throughout the day.

I wouldn't say this is my perfect/holy grail concealer but I do like it very much. I would definitely consider repurchasing. But I would personally purchase the The Face Shop concealer over the Holika Holika concealer.

Swatches and Coverage Test

Face Shop Concealer Dual Veil

(FS Liquid, FS Cover Stick, Holika Holika)

holika holika concealer

(FS Liquid, FS Cover Stick, Holika Holika)
Note: I didn't blend the concealers completely - the concealer does match my skin tone after blending.

I hope this review/comparison was helpful and helped you decide whether or not to purchase either concealer.


  1. hi! nice review! how about bluish dark circle with visible vein do you think this concealer can do it job well?

    1. I would recommend the face shop concealer for coverage of bluish dark circle or for higher coverage in general. Use the liquid side first to brighten then use the stick side on top for coverage (my favourite way of using the concealer).