Thursday, 3 October 2013

[Review] Holika Holika Holy Berry Liptint 02호 Raspberry

holika holika holy berry liptint
Shade 01 Strawberry; 02 Raspberry; 03 Orange berry

holika holika holy berry liptint raspberry

holika holika holy berry liptint

holika holika holy berry liptint

holika holika holy berry liptint

I purchased shade 2 Raspberry. My thoughts on this product was that the tint was a lot darker than I had anticipated. By that I mean, when I had asked my friend to purchase this product for me I was expecting a pinky lip tint, like the colour indicated on the website. But instead I got a tint more closely resembling a watermelon red. The red shade is similar to the The Saem liptint I had purchased previously.

But what I did like about this product was the stopper than was inside. It stopped excess product exiting the tube. The colour appears very vividly on my lips. This lip tint stains the lip very well and hardly transfers when eating. After eating lunch, the tissue I used barely had any red stains from the tint.

Application is not patchy, one even colour is distributed onto the lips. The colour is very buildable although one coat it opaque already.

Lasting power
Vibrant red shade - wasn't pink like I had expected
Cheap (under $5USD)

Colour description was inaccurate

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