Wednesday, 29 January 2014

[Review] Hera UV Mist Cushion Long Stay C21 + Verite Comparison

I was first intrigued by the brand Hera because of Shin Min ah, who is the face of the original 
Hera UV Mist Cushion. I have yet to try the original but from reading korean bloggers rave about the Hera Long Stay I wanted to give it a go. It is suppose to give higher coverage and be longer lasting than the original. Is great for humid/hot weather and has a matte finish.

This product has been especially formulated to combat the summer weather in Korea, thus the "Summer Proof" in the name of the product. I believe it's a limited edition product.

hera uv mist cushion long stay

I have been using this product for the past 2 weeks and have been loving it.
The matte finish has been very helpful in the hot/dry weather in Sydney. My forehead which gets oily easily has been calmed by this product. The oils are kept away for at least 4-5 hours without a setting powder.

hera uv mist cushion
The application is very fast; within 1-2 minutes. The air puff aids in the product being applied easily and blended very well. There is no need for any other brushes. To cover redness add an extra layer of the product to the specific area. I have redness on the cheeks mainly and I find that layering the product has helped significantly in reducing the redness, there is no need for concealer. As for my dark eye circles I do still use a concealer. I have very dark under eye circles, like a panda...

hera uv mist cushion long stay
Long lasting as the name suggests (product is marketed as Summer Proof)
Controls oils
Covers redness and pigmentation considerably
Easily and quickly applied
Convenient packaging (can be taken anywhere - no leaking)
Nice smell (light scent)
Refills can be brought not only from Hera but other brands


Expensive -- but considering it is an high end product it was expected
Bothersome to clean air puff
Only comes in one shade


[Comparison] Hera Vs Verite?

If you prefer a more matte finish then Hera Long Stay may be for you. But I wouldn't say Verite isn't long lasting. Both will last all day but Hera lasted better on my skin just because of the matte finish. The finish kept the oils on my face at bay for longer. Verite's finish is semi matte, gives a nice glowy look that isn't overly shiny.

Both products have light to medium coverage that can be layered without looking cakey. Touch ups can be easily done through out the day. If your aim is to cover redness, Hera Long Stay does a slightly better job. Both foundations still allow for your natural skin to show through, it doesn't cover everything. Hera Long Stay comes in one shade (the original comes with more) and Verite comes in 2 shades.

Both have sleek packaging. The refills are interchangeable. Refills from both brands and most Amore Pacific brands (IOPE, Laneige etc) refills can fit into the compact, that is, you can buy refills from another brand and it will fit into your Hera/Verite compact.

Pricing wise Verite was slightly cheaper. I paid $37 for Verite and $42.50 for Hera Long Stay. Both came with the actual product and a refill. Each refill came air tight with an extra air puff.

Both have a slight scent. Hera Long Stay slightly stronger but both very pleasant.

I honestly like both products and would recommend both. The factor that should determine which one to buy would be your skin type. If you have dry skin I would gravitate towards Verite, the Hera Long Stay will definitely cling to dry spots. If you have normal skin (you lucky duck) any would do. If you have combination to oily skin, both would be great, it just depends on what finish you desire and how oily you are. Choose Hera if you like a matte finish, have very oily skin or don't want to blot oils through out the day. If you like glowy skin to show through choose Verite.

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