About Me


20 -- I'm the year of the dog

Skin Type:
Dry combination, mainly normal skin except the t-zone area. I have weird skin, I have dry patches where my skin is "oily"... maybe it's because I don't drink enough water or it is... I really can't fathom how some people can drink 8+ cups of water a day... good for them but I can't do that. I prefer freshly squeezed orange juice.

Very pale... pasty as some may call me. Light brown/green outer rim eyes (hazel?), light brown hair atm (dyed).

165cm~ Although I still hang onto the hopes I will grow taller~

Favourite Base Makeup:
Verite cushion foundation. Holy grail. It has a semi matte finish, provides good coverage and is quick to apply.


Am I missing anything?

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